The Facility greatly enhances research… my students love working with [Sara]… especially for her physical insights…

-Meny Elimelech

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User Testimonials (Excerpts)

As demand for the system continues to grow, it is critical to have a person in charge to maintain, train, and trouble shoot… Sara’s knowledge of the system and data analysis continues to be vital to the success of my research projects…” – Leanne Pasquini (Zimmerman)

The light scattering system has been integral in [my research]…  I expect to continue to use the system on a fairly regular basis throughout my time at Yale… I really like the idea of a light scattering center, and am excited about being an active user…” – Jay Werber (Elimelech)

The well-maintained light scattering instrument by Dr. Sara Hashmi, together with her expertise, made my research project hassle-free.” – Ming Xie (Elimelech)

“…I appreciate if we can keep our effort to maintain our DLS equipment. Thank you!” – Jongho Lee (Elimelech)

 “The light scattering instruments have been an incredible tool for the most recent research I have done in Dr. Paul Van Tassel’s lab… I’ve appreciated Sara’s patience, feedback, and advice through the duration of my work” – Trey Turner (van Tassel)

Without this key-equipment as well as devoted specialist such as Sara Hashmi, [my] project could not have been carried out” – Edo Bar-Zeev (Elimelech)

During the last six months, I had the opportunity to do some DLS measurements…  Sara was very helpful in explaining to me the method, how to use the DLS, the data analysis steps, and the interpretation of the data…” – Nawal Quennouz (Osuji)

 “Just wanted to e-mail you about how useful light scattering measurements were for my research the last two years…” – Seyla Azoz (Pfefferle)

The light scattering instrument was extremely helpful for my research and publications…”  – Gilad Kaufman (Osuji)

“The light scattering facilities here have been pretty critical to advancing my research… [Sara’s] help and expertise has also been a large boon to my experimental efforts.” – Kyle Moor (Kim)

I write to express the importance of Sara and the light scattering instruments to my research…” – Zachary Fishman (Pfefferle)