The Facility for Light Scattering maintains one instrument manufactured by ALV-GmBH, and another from Brookhaven Instruments.  In addition, supported software scripts written in MATLAB are available for specialized or advanced data analysis.

ALV goniometerALV-GmbH/LS Instruments*

*as of summer 2019, the ALV instrument will be replaced by one from LS Instruments

Components & Accessories:

  • Coherent Verdi V2 laser
  • ALV-5000 goniometer
  • 8-SiPD detector array
  • Thermostatted Sample Chamber

ALV Capabilities *see Services

DLS SLS ELS Overnight

Brookhaven Omnibrook

Brookhaven Instruments

Components & Accessories:

  • NanoBrook Omnibrook
  • Auto-titrator
  • Solvent-Resistant Electrode

Brookhaven Capabilities *see Services

DLS SLS ELS Overnight