Light scattering is a powerful tool to investigate the structure and dynamics of a wide variety of materials.  All of the following resources have been developed here at the FLS.  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to use this material elsewhere.

Notes from around the web

Short Course Notes

2017 Short Course at Ben Gurion University; Course Number 001-2-0029In-Situ Light Scattering for Characterization of Suspended Environmental Nanomaterials: Morphology, Structure and Dynamics.

Instructor: Sara Hashmi, International Visiting Lecturer, Blaustein Center for Scientific Cooperation

Talks and Seminars

Basic Tutorials

Dynamic Light Scattering

Static Light Scattering

Electrophoretic Mobility Measurements

(including Isoelectric Point measurements via pH Titration)

Advanced Topics

  • Correlation Function Fits
  • Probability Distributions

Engineering Lab Modules